Solea® Dental Laser

A way of treating our patients ...

comfortably and conservatively! Solea laser dental treatment is now available to our patients. It replaces the drill in many procedures we perform in our practice. Solea causes virtually no vibration, noise, or pain. In fact, most of our patients don't require any anesthesia. Solea is one of the technologies Burman Dental offers to keep our patients comfortable and happy. Because our goal is to make every dental experience a pleasant one! solea machine

What is Solea?

Solea is the first Carbon Dioxide (CO2) dental laser system approved by the FDA for both hard- and soft-tissue procedures. It was developed by the Boston-based company, Convergent Dental, as a result of research conducted at the University of California's School of Dentistry. Solea uses advanced computer technology to create a laser wavelength capable of providing virtually painless dental procedures on both teeth and gums without vibration or noise. The Solea laser can treat conditions from simple cavities to complex surgeries. Treatment with this laser makes the dental experience more pleasant; many of our patients have reported "no pain at all."

Why Solea?

Many procedures can be completed without the need for local anesthesia, scalpel or sutures, including treatment for cavities (decay removal) and soft-tissue procedures such as gum recontouring, fibroma removal, gingivectomy, and frenectomy. Using the Solea laser, we are able to complete multi-quadrant dentistry, multiple fillings in a shorter amount of time, and soft-tissue procedures in a single visit. What does that mean for our patients? Necessary care is completed more efficiently and comfortably. Solea treatment is less invasive than using a traditional drill and healing time has been reported by patients to be shorter. When patients undergo anesthetic injection, they leave the office numb. With Solea, our patients leave the office without that numb feeling. Solea is definitely changing visits to the dental office! 

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