Comfortable Care

We take great pride in providing an exceptional dental visit that is comfortable and efficient with a healthy, beautiful result. Comfortable care begins with the people who provide it. Our doctors and our team are kind, caring, and compassionate. They use gentle techniques and advanced technology to ensure your comfort throughout treatment.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide, also called sweet air or laughing gas, is a mild, inhaled sedative and analgesic. It is delivered via a comfortable mask. It induces a state of enhanced relaxation and mild euphoria. Nitrous oxide is fast acting, with pain-killing and relaxation effects that begin within two to three minutes.

This is a great option for anxious or highly pain-sensitive patients. When treatment is complete, oxygen is used to neutralize the nitrous oxide, so there are no lingering effects. You will be fully alert, and able to drive if you wish, when you leave our office.

Comfortable Injections

The traditional method of delivering injections can be painful, though the needle is not actually the problem. As liquid anesthetic enters the tissue, it causes rapid expansion, and that can result in pain. We take great care in helping to minimize discomfort through smoother injection and control over anesthetic flow. We want our patients to remain comfortable to enjoy an extraordinary dental experience.

Massaging Chairs

Dental care does not have to be unpleasant. In fact, we go to great lengths to ensure your visit is comfortable and relaxing. Gentle techniques and advanced technology can make dental procedures extremely comfortable.

However, one of the most common issues is not pain or discomfort in the mouth, but rather the effect of having to sit still for an extended time while our dental team works. Rather than sitting stiffly in an uncomfortable dental chair, just imagine if you could relax and enjoy a good massage.

When you visit our office, you can. We provide luxurious massage chairs in the treatment rooms as well as the option to watch television or listen to music so you can truly relax and enjoy the ultimate dental experience.


The team at Burman Dental, L.L.C., is always finding ways to make dental visits more comfortable. That’s why we offer Oraverse, a product that provides patients with quick comfort if they dislike the lingering numbness that follows local anesthesia.

OraVerse is highly effective for helping your mouth feel normal again after receiving local anesthetic. Lingering numbness can last for up to five hours, but OraVerse can cut this by more than half. As a result, you can get on with your day sooner without having your mouth feeling numb all day.

Advanced Technology

Our team uses dental technology to make visits as comfortable, safe, and efficient as possible. Decay removal, crown removal, impressions without the gooey trays, same day crowns, oral cancer identification, and more can be addressed in our practice using advanced technology, enhancing patient visits. 

At Burman Dental, L.L.C., your safety is our number-one concern. We will perform a thorough examination to ensure you’re a good candidate for OraVerse. If you would like to learn more, please call our office today.

Are you ready to experience the difference that comfortable care can make? Call our office at 561-404-4325 and schedule your appointment today. We are located in Jupiter, Florida, and we see patients from many nearby communities such as Palm Beach Gardens, Juno Beach, and Tequesta, as well as people who travel from out of the area to enjoy our elevated standard of service.

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