Crowns in Jupiter, Fl

We only get one smile, so it’s important that we play our part in caring for it; however, sometimes damage can happen that can impact the health and function of a tooth. From decay to a dental infection, there are many reasons our dental team may recommend placing a crown. Crowns are durable, tooth-colored dental restorations that cover and surround a tooth. As you might be able to assume by the name, crowns are made to resemble a real tooth, so they blend in with the rest of your smile.

When is a dental crown used?

This tooth-shaped restoration is pretty versatile, offering our patients a reason to smile again. Crowns are a popular restorative treatment because they are one of the best ways to fix a weak or damaged tooth. While fillings may be used to fill smaller areas where decay was present, a crown is used to support and reinforce the entire natural crown of a tooth to protect it from further damage.

A dental crown is used to:

  • Restore strength and durability back into a severely damaged or decayed tooth
  • Preserve what’s left of the tooth’s healthy natural structure
  • Anchor a dental bridge into place to fill gaps with natural-looking false teeth
  • Restore functionality back into a tooth so you can speak and chew with confidence
  • Cover and protect a tooth after root canal therapy
  • Cover a dental implant

What goes into getting a dental crown?

These days, our dental team offers both traditional and CEREC crowns to our patients. While some patients will be ideal candidates for CEREC same-day crowns, all patients needing a crown are good candidates for traditional crowns. For CEREC crowns, we design, fabricate, and place the crown right here in our office, while traditional crowns will need to be crafted by an expert dental lab.

Both types of crowns are custom-made to your tooth so that they offer the ideal fit. With traditional crowns, we will need to send impressions to a dental lab so they can craft your restoration. But we don't use a gooey, messy impression; we take digital impressions with our iTero technology!  We will place a temporary crown over the tooth to protect the tooth while your final crown is being made. Once your crown arrives, you’ll return to our office so we can check the fit and cement your beautiful, new crown over your tooth.

Burman Dental is proud to provide both traditional and CEREC same-day crowns to patients living in and around Jupiter, FL. 

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