Teeth Whitening Options

This is one of the most popular procedures in our office, and for a number of very good reasons. It is fast, economical, safe, and a conservative way to put the sparkle back in your smile. Tooth enamel is naturally a lustrous shade of white, and professional teeth whitening is an excellent way to restore that brilliance.

We offer several options because every patient has unique needs. The first step, before any whitening procedure, is usually teeth cleaning by one of our gentle and efficient hygienists. This procedure removes surface stains as well as any plaque or tartar that may prevent the whitening agent from making full contact with your teeth. In-office teeth whitening is the best choice if you are in a hurry to see some sparkle. It takes about an hour, with instant results. Your gums and other soft tissue are fully protected, which prevents contact with the whitening material. We then apply the formula chosen according to your specific needs. When the teeth whitening process is complete, and the gel is removed, your smile will be several shades brighter and more beautiful.

At-home teeth whitening achieves the same great result as an in-office treatment, with a gentler, but more gradual process. We will select the best whitening gel for you, and provide a custom-made tray. You prepare the trays with gel and wear them daily for a specified length of time based upon your whitening goals.

Depending upon the formula, the tray may be used for a few minutes every day, or it may be worn overnight while you sleep. Whatever the method, you will be provided with complete instructions and encouraged to call our office with any questions or concerns you may have.

Some patients prefer a combination of approaches. In-office whitening yields immediate results, which makes it ideal for individuals in a hurry. However, you may not want to schedule an appointment every time your smile begins to darken.

In this case, take-home trays can be used for a few days to keep your pearly whites sparkling. Additionally, a combination of treatments may be recommended in certain situations, such as deep staining. In this case, a series of at-home treatments can improve upon the results of in-office treatment.

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